If you’re like us, you dutifully stand tall, hand placed atop the logo and recite the pledge of allegiance each morning. You know, that pledge we all say, first thing in the morning, and before each game:

“We pledge allegiance to the (penalty) flag of the opposing team to the United empire of Riderville, and to the 13th man for which it plays, one Nation on Mosaic, indivisible, with touchdowns and glory for all.”

You do this, right? Well, if you don’t (feel free to copy and paste for later, by the way) it’s because you have your own way of showing your Rider Pride. Maybe you fly the flag, paint your face, wear fruit on your head, or maybe you’ve even indelibly marked your love on your body.  

For the 2015 campaign we’re saluting fans and reminding everyone from all four corners of this rectangle we call home, that the Roughriders are Saskatchewan’s team.

Wherever, whenever and whoever the fans, we all bleed green together.

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Posted by Sam Karikas. Sam is the Senior Writer and Social Media Manager for the Phoenix Group.