This episode should be titled, "Swing for the Fences" and not because it's a home run, but it's the theme Justin and Greg keep coming back to in their conversation with David Bellerive. Greg Moore and Justin Reeves use their Facebook Live show to inform the social consulting they do with Pidgeon Social. As Greg says in the podcast, social media is not as much science as people think it is.

Justin and Greg talk about experimenting and the importance of spending a lot of time on social to stay on top of what's working. And speaking of what's working, they share their thoughts on what is working right now.

Businesses need to realize that no one is on social to be with brands. They talk about helping brands build community and show some personality. 

Justin and Greg talk about what it means for brands to take risks and add personality to their online presence. And if it's uncomfortable, maybe social is simply not for you. They offer advice, and questions you need to ask before you commit. 

For Justin and Greg commitment is a big part of being successful on social media—a brand's willingness to invest and continue trying in social. They talk about the importance of "80% and go." The fact that you'll never be 100% ready. Go faster. And remember, it doesn't have to be 100% finished.

They also share their favourite advice and Lessons Learned.

Enjoy the conversation.

Here are a few of the brands referenced in this episode, as well as how to reach Justin and Greg.

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You Tube star Peter McKinnon

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