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Podcast, Ep. 86

Infographic design with Jessica Bellamy

Jessica Bellamy is a motion Infographic designer from Louisville Kentucky. Her work tells visual stories using data and personal narratives. Jessica…

Podcast, Ep. 85

Eric Wheeler 33Across

This week David talks with CEO and co-founder of 33 Across, Eric Wheeler. Eric shares thoughts on being prepared for future scenarios, the challenges…

Podcast, Ep. 84

The Ikea Effect with Gary Mortimer

Gary Mortimer joins David in a conversation about the Ikea Effect, as well as how marketers can capitalize on the shop local movement. Gary is an…

Podcast, Ep. 83

Discounting Humanity with Johannes Boegershausen

Johannes Boegershausen talks to us about his research project, Discounting Humanity: When Consumers are Price Conscious, Employees Appear Less Human.…

Podcast, Ep. 82

Death in advertising with Dr Barbara Phillips

Is death still a taboo in advertising? Why would you even introduce death into ads? That's the central question behind a new study from marketing…

Podcast, Ep. 81

Do Canadians want money or fulfillment?

Alain Giguère, President of CROP, one of Canada's top marketing research companies drops in to talk about a deep dive he took into data…

Podcast, Ep. 80

Cult the Gathering with Ryan Gill

The Gathering recognizes brands that have built amazing cultures and connections with people that go deeper than most. Every February, leading…

Podcast, Ep. 79

Branding with author Denise Lee Yohn

Denise Lee Yohn is one of the world's top brand experts. Author of What Great Brands Do and Fusion she talks with David about the common cry,…

Podcast, Ep. 78

To rebrand or not to rebrand with Megan Matthews

Megan Matthews heads up Instinct Brand Equity Coaches, a consultancy created out of a frustration discovered by her father, Ted Matthews, a 30+ year…

Podcast, Ep. 77

CRMs with Derek Major of Eligeo

What's the promise that a CRM delivers, what are the best practices to get into CRMs, how do CRMs work with marketing automation and when do you…

Podcast, Ep. 76

Content marketing with Matt Flemming of Content Works

Matt Flemming, Executive Producer at Content Works which is Postmedia's content studio shares an overview of what they do. 

Podcast, Ep. 75

Succeeding at native content with Melanie Deziel of Storyfuel

This week Melanie Deziel, founder of StoryFuel, talks with David about native and branded content. How do you create a great story for native…